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Everybody loves to travel, but nobody loves carrying luggage
That’s why we created ​Bringit​.

Bringit​ revolutionizes the travel experience by taking away the hassle of carrying your luggage when you travel.

Our technology allows you to get from Point A to Point B, without having to lug your heavy bags. Here at BringIt, we are creating a new culture of traveling Hands-Free, with a VIP service that’s surprisingly affordable.

Bringit​ Technologies is an East Coast Startup
with a vision t​o change the way people travel​.

It might sound crazy at first - but think about elevators. When elevators were introduced to the market for the first time, people had to pay to use them. Now, elevators are part of our daily lives and we never have to pay for them. Our goal is to achieve the same results in the travel industry. Will you join us as we transform the world of travel, one trip at a time?

We take pride in our pricing strategy, which means that BringIt will be affordable for the masses - not just the travel elite. We hope that we will not just offer a new service - we plan to fundamentally change the culture of travel. One day, we dream that hands-free travel will become the accepted standard - so that everyone can travel the world without their bags slowing them down.