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Travel Hands-Free You travel, we carry

Here at Bringit, our dream is to use technology to make travel easier, convenient - and more fun. We think your next trip will be a lot better if you’re not dragging an awkward bag behind you.

It’s pretty simple: with the press of a button you can leave lugging the heavy stuff to us. We’ll get your bag from Point A to Point B, so you can save yourself the hassle and saunter through the airport like a rockstar.

How it works

Bringit is on-demand, you can request the service and leave lugging the heavy stuff to us. We’ll get your bag from Point A to Point B, within 4hrs, so you can save yourself the hassle and enjoy your trip Hands-Free.

1 Schedule a pickup
To have your luggage picked up from the airport, schedule a pick-up from your home, hotel, or any location with a minimum of 4 hours and up to a maximum of 12 hours before your flight’s departure time.

2 Enter your flight information
Include your flight number, date of departure, the airline you’ll be flying with, and the number of bags. Your bag’s weight and content are under the terms and conditions of your airline.

3 We pick up your luggage
If you are checking out from a hotel you can leave your luggage at the concierge and share the ticket with us and our currier will pick it up and deliver it to the airport. You can also meet our currier at your location. It applies also to concierges and front desks at residences.

4 Greet your bags at the airport
If you are traveling on a domestic flight with one of our affiliated airlines we can check your luggage with the airline. If you are traveling internationally or traveling with airlines that are not yet affiliated or you are a carry-on lover, you will meet our currier at the airport CURB, sharing your door number.

Save time

The time you would have wasted waiting for your bags can now be spent relaxing by the pool.

Save the hassle

Get plenty of jealous looks as you stroll through the airport, without lugging heavy suitcases behind you.

Save your back

Carrying heavy luggage causes back, neck and shoulder strain - not a great way to start a vacation.

No worries

Your bags are tagged, controlled and tracked. Plus, we seal all luggage to assure it is tamper-proof.

No waiting

Why spend 20 minutes staring at the baggage claim conveyor belt - if you don’t have to?

No wondering

Keep tabs on exactly where your luggage is with tracking technology and email or SMS status updates.

“104 years of evolution in the travel industry and we still have to carry our bags. Is it just me, or does that seem old fashioned?”

Israel Arellano, Founder