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Bringit is a travel hands free concierge that allows you to travel with no luggage in hand. To request our service, simply enter your flight details and your delivery or pick up details. Our concierge will pick up/drop off the luggage to the destination of your choice.

Visit and enter your full name, email, and create your password.

Yes, you have to pay your airline fees when adding luggage to your flight.

Yes we can. You can request our service and set a delivery time and day. In the meantime, rest assured your luggage is safely kept with us.

For luggage pickup – please request our service 4hrs before your flight departure. For luggage delivery – your luggage arrives the same day with you, however please allow up to 4hrs to have your luggage delivered to your destination.

We have no limit on luggage delivery.

We know how hard it is to leave your values behind, so we want to make sure you travel with peace of mind. Your bags are tagged, controlled and tracked. Plus, we seal all luggage to assure it is tamper-proof.

Please contact our 24/7 customer support department. You can reach us by calling (888) 576-7655.

In case your luggage is lost or stolen during your delivery or pickup, each luggage is insured up to $1,500.

If your airline can carry it, we can deliver it.

We charge $25 up to two bags with a 10 mile pickup/drop off radius from the airport.

Yes, you still have to pay your airline additional baggage fees.

When requesting our service, a 24hr storage service is complimentary.